When I started medschool around two years ago, I tried to be the quintessential student.  I bought a huge-ass notebook and, for the first couple of months, actually listened to the lecturers so that I could take down notes in shorthand.  We do shorthand because, of course, there’s just too much stuff to take down, you know.  However, the worst handwriting apparently belonged – BELONGS – to me.  Why?  Because I often could not even decipher the characters that supposedly made up my notes.  I couldn’t even remember what certain character shortcuts stood for and, heller, I wrote them myself.  Ridiculous.  It’s worse than having a chicken write its name on the sand.

Hen-scratching during lectures proved to be too much of a hassle, an inconvenience and a waste of time all rolled into one.  So, I spent the last half of my first year in medschool in a state of limbo – half unconscious, half awake.  That was when I first learned how to sleep with my eyes wide open.

My second year in medschool, I learned how to be more technologically savvy.  Hell, yeah, we roll with the times, baby.  I began to religiously bring my laptop to school that year.  While waiting for the lecturer to set up, I would turn on my laptop, open OneNote 2007 and have my fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to type away.  But, inevitably, something would come up.  Like an emergency call that would take the lecturer out of the classroom.  Like a sudden wave of sleepiness that would be extremely difficult to ward off with my amazing powers of will and determination.  Surrendering to sleep was not an option because I sat in the first row within spitting distance of the lecturer.  So what I would do to ward off sleep in class?  I would click on the Firefox icon on my Desktop and check my Facebook account.  And my Twitter account.  And my Plurk timeline.  And, before I knew it, the lecture would be over.  Up.  Done. Kaput.  Go home because you’ve learned nothing today, girl, good job.

This year, my note-taking battle plan involves this:  asking my contacts in the upper years or anyone in class for the lecture presentations of the past few years.  I have found that, apparently, these lecturers rarely update their lectures and, if they do, they add very little.  I’m better off going on a date with Harrison, Nelson and Williams.  But I’m not exactly the dating type so I guess I should just stick to my initial note-taking battle plan of laziness.

I love medschool.  It sure brings out the best in a person, doesn’t it.

  1. It’s really depressing going through my notes from undergrad, I can actually see my handwriting getting sloppier each semester. By the final year it looks like Amharic or something 😦

  2. cassiemalvar says:

    Don’t feel bad. Geniuses have brains that work too fast that’s why their hands have to struggle to keep up with their brains. Hence, the illegible handwriting. 🙂

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