Ever wondered what it is that distracts people so immensely that they find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand?  In medschool, the most challenging part is not the intense studying per se, although that in itself is quite challenging already, but the crux of the challenge is more the actual studying.  By that, I mean the actual process of sitting down, opening the books and transcriptions and keeping at it for the next six hours or so without having one’s attention diverted.  Don’t kid yourself, by the way – bathroom or coffee breaks are considered unnecessary diversions.  Thus, after much reflection (because we, medstudents, are philosophical creatures), I have come to the conclusion that there are four categories that contain the many distractions that make medschool kind of hard, well, for mere mortals such as myself.

  • Personal obligations.  I’ve lived in dorms for the past six years so, for me, family is not much of a physical problem or distraction.  Only when they text me or come see me do they become a distraction and, boy, what a distraction they can be.  It’s because you simply cannot say no to family, especially family you haven’t seen in months.  Even friends – especially friends – whom you see day in and day out that you consider them family already, when they ask you to go to lunch dates and such, it’s difficult to say no and, oftentimes, you don’t even want to say no.  Whoever said people are what matters should be kicked in the ass.  Obligations are already difficult enough to handle as they are.  What more if they become personal in nature.
  • Hobbies.  This and, I mean, this – what I’m doing right now – is a hobby and a distraction.  It’s two in the morning and I should be sleeping but what do I do?  I think about crap and I write about it.  Wattahabi.  However, hobbies are just stuff you need to do because they’re no-brainers that you actually enjoy doing them.  I enjoy studying, honestly, but my neuronal circuits often feel like on fire when I’m studying.  So what do I do?  I start thinking about crap and write about it.  What about you?
  • Extracurricular activities.  Oftentimes, even extracurricular activities become personal obligations, especially when you’ve invested so much time (and often emotion) in them.  In medschool, I’ve met and mingled with some fascinating people known for their passion for service and public health.  There comes a point when you realize that, when you’re a full-time student immersed in a curriculum that tends to drain you for and of all your worth, grand plans at the beginning of the school year become burdens when the requirements start piling up.  Then frustration creeps up on you.  Screw passion, right?
  • The opposite (or same, whichever you prefer) sex.  In all honesty, I think emotional investments are messy.  But, sometimes (and, I mean, in the rarest of occasions), you just have to admit that the human heart… is a freaking slut.  Imagine yourself in your favorite study corner in school, with your laptop open and your highlighted transcriptions before you.  You’re so into the topic that you feel like you’re on fire!  Then, for whatever stupid reason, you look up and see someone from afar.  Even if you don’t see his/her face but just recognize that trademark strut, you feel your heart jump to your throat then stop for awhile then start beating again like you’ve run a marathon.  So, tell me now, how is that not a distraction?  Don’t fret though, I have a solution for you right here.  Find out he/she is dating someone else – that’s sure to extinguish the slutty fire out of your extremely human heart.  That’s what you get for cheating on Med, boo.

It’s very sad to think that medschool tends to take up so much of our time that life becomes so unbalanced.  The things that are supposed to matter, like family, friends, non-med talents, passion, relationships, don’t – can’t – seem to matter anymore.  Do you know what they are right now?  They simply are… distractions.


  1. Aww, I was reading my wordpress subscriptions instead of studying for my next exam. Now I feel guilty.

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