Wolverine, a.k.a. Weapon X (Weapon Ten)

One thing that I’ve always wished we could do as human beings is to regenerate body parts.  Very Wolverine-ish, probably the coolest superpower ever.

A few days ago, I went to this bloodletting event because I was hoping to finally be cleared for blood donation.  Miracles of miracles, I was cleared for donation after years of being deferred due to anemia.  I was so happy because it had always been my dream to donate blood.  I ended up having both arms inserted with gauge 19 needles.  My right arm had thin unstable veins and my left arm had too thin veins that refused to let the blood flow out into the tubing.  I got inserted with gauge 19 needles in both arms… for nothing.

Blood donation and organ donation have always held a special place in my heart because the impact these have on the quality of life of patients who need them is truly significant.  A couple of years ago, I had to contact people I had not talked to in years just to ask for blood because I couldn’t donate to my own mother.  Frustrating.  Same goes with organ donation.  Around five years ago, I had wanted to donate a kidney and couldn’t.

Perhaps one would say that, “Nah, it’s just the Messianic complex working.” Heck, no.  I mean, I’m so selfish that I would donate blood to strangers but not my organs while I am still alive.  Selfish but practical.  We don’t need excess blood.  We make more every twenty-one days and, as long as the ABO antibodies match, you’re good to go, no chance of rejection.  But, with organs, it’s a different story.  I would rather give my organs to someone who would have a significantly lower risk of rejecting them.  I don’t believe in wasting non-regeneratable body parts.  Yes, you regenerate a liver lobe but a kidney?  Come on.

My only argument is this:  donating blood or an organ saves a life.  You don’t need to go to medschool or nursing school just to learn how to do it.  I mean, you already have it in you and, I mean, literally.

I know that last part sounded preachy, bear with now, boo.  Wouldn’t it be nice though if humans could regenerate limbs like starfishes can?  Wolverine can and, for me, he’s like the ultimate human being — regeneratable and totally capable of donating.  He’s the coolest.  If ever I get to meet him, I’d probably bite off a chunk of his skin just to see if a skin patch would grow right back.  That would probably be the best experiment I would ever undertake in my entire scientific career.

  1. Have you heard about the trachea this London lab grew from a patient’s own stem cells?

    By the way, do you remember that limb regeneration powder made out of pig bladder? It was all over the news a year or two back. I wonder what ended up happening with that.

  2. sybmoleno says:

    Hey! I was finally able to read the link about the trachea. I heard about that last year but I think what I know is a different case. Thanks for the link!

    Check out the link below. It’s a skeletal muscle regenerating powder that they used on an injured soldier a few months ago. Is this it? I think they’re still trying to improve it. 🙂


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