FAST THINK: Personal Lives, Professional Lives

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Fast Think, Medschool Bits
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Just a really quick thought as we are ending this clerkship year with a bang.

“Don’t go Grey’s Anatomy on me now” is what I often tell myself when I find myself in situations that could be worthy of a scene in that infamous medical TV drama that has dominated television for quite some time now.  Although I love that TV series and have been watching it for the past six years or so, no way in heck would I ever wish to be one of the cast members in real life because, really, if ever I go through what any of them has gone through in the past nine seasons or so, I’d probably have to check myself into a mental institution out of necessity.

Over the course of the past year, there had been many circumstances when emotions would become so uncontrollable that we are thrust into situations that we would later wish we could forget.  See, drama in medical school and in the hospitals cannot be avoided.  It seems as if we become so fed up with the medicine that we desire to feel just to affirm our own humanity.  Is that too philosophical?  Yeah, I’m profound.  Medical training forces people to interact on such an intimate and constant basis.  That is enough to drive anybody crazy.  It often drives me crazy.  However, for me, it takes constant self-reminder of what it is I came here for.  I came here for the medicine, something that genuinely makes me happy, for some weird reason.  The time I spend here could have been precious time with a family I will not have forever.  With what I gain with this training, I lose a whole lot more where people I love are concerned.

Often, I wish I were the Tin Man.  No heart, no emotion, drama like that.  Or, no drama like that, if you get my drift.  I really do believe that, in this profession, emotions do get in the way of good judgment calls.  This year is testament to that.  But, of course, we are human.  We had been created to feel a significant and diverse amount of emotions, which unfortunately puts many of us into unbelievable positions – positions I would never wish on anybody.  I like medicine because it is very objective – there is a definite practice guideline for a particular condition and such.  But with the human heart, there’s no such thing.  We feel and we work with people who feel and sometimes our feelings… they go haywire and that is when working with each other become so damn difficult, which is inevitable and inconvenient.

This is why I honestly believe that, in this profession, we have to endeavor to place our personal lives as far away from our professional lives as possible.  It is not a requirement but, hot damn, it tends to absolutely decrease the level of stress in one’s life.  Well, that is what they tell me.  Who am I to say stuff like this anyway?

Well, that wasn’t so quick a thought but a thought it truly had been.


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