A Little Background

*NOTE (11/17/13):  This site is currently undergoing lay-out reformatting although I’ll still be posting entries once in awhile.  Happy reading! 🙂

I am Doodledoc.

In 2011, I began my third year in medicine and Oras at Medisina began its first in WordPress.  See, I am not much of a blog-reader but what I am is a closeted, repressed medical student with no social life so here we are.  Ironically, I love my privacy but I have so many things I want to say about so many things (seriously, I’m having verbal diarrhea right now, at this very moment, even as we speak) but don’t know how to say them.  Hence, this blog written under an immature, totally unexplainable pseudonym to create a personally created fantasy of privacy and secrecy while still accommodating my facial orifice of doom .

I grew up in a family of poor doctors.  I, in particular, seem to be having  a close relationship with poverty myself.  I want to go on a mission with Doctors Without Borders in the future but that’s just my idealistic alter-ego talking.  I love children but I will never be a pediatrician because children are damn scary patients.  I dream of training in transplant surgery even though I’m practically blind without my glasses.  I plan to someday travel the world in less than eighty days (thank God for modern transportation) and climb the highest mountains… literally.  I will open a pastry cafe with my aunt before I turn thirty-five so I can eat all the dessert in the world until I drop to the floor in a diabetic coma.

This is all about the hours of our lives with medicine… and all those other things that go with it.

All posts are divided into three categories:

  1. Under the Medical Sun – anything related to medicine.
  2. Random Catatonic Fun – random stuff that still makes sense (well, to me they do, haha).
  3. One Two Pun – well, just about anything under the non-medical sun written in a deconstructed manner.

That last one didn’t make sense to me too.


Comment and Retorts

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